Leisure center of Mansigné

Just 9 minutes by car from the Château de Montaupin, you can find Mansigné, a place which is mainly known for its leisure center, offering a wide range of activities to the public.

The Leisure center offers the possibility to practice different and free activities such as:

  • Hiking trails

This is a perfect opportunity to know the southern side of the Sarthe discovering the surrounding nature and incredible sites such as Pierres de la Mère et de la Fille, La Faigne Chapel, Saint Martin church, Mare aux Cochons, as wells as the tour of the lake, which is the shortest of the circuits but one of the most enjoyable. For the most athletic ones, the leisure center also offers mountain biking circuits.

  • Sports grounds

The leisure center of Mansigné has different free activities for young and old people to workout, among these are: swimming in the lake, football field, city stadium, tennis court, ping-pong tables, pétanque court, fitness trail, orienteering race , fishing grounds.

  • Nautical activities

With its 27 hectare lake, the Mansigné Leisure Center is an ideal place to practice different nautical activities like swimming in the lake or the swimming pool. You can also choose a boat for 2 or 4 people to go pedalo and paddle at your own pace.

  • Picnic

With family or friends while enjoying a sublime view of the lake sitting on a wooden table offered by the Leisure center or simply laying down on the fresh green grass.

Take advantage of the free entry to the leisure center to spend a wonderful day with your family or friends.

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