La Flèche Zoo (Family Pass discount for our guests)

Located 25 minutes from the Château de Montaupin, La Flèche Zoo is the 5th largest animal park in France in terms of the number of visitors per year (410000 in 2019 before the pandemic crisis). Visitors come to the zoo of La Flèche to meet more than 1500 animals of more than 1600 different species.

This great variety and the modern and continuously renovated layout make the zoo of La Flèche the 1st tourist site of the Sarthe and the 3rd site of the Pays de la Loire region after the Puy du Fou and the Machines de l’île.

Among the animals one finds in the zoo of La Flèche are the arctic wolves, the polar bears, the rare white tigers, the sea lions of California, the penguins of Humboldt, the otters of Canada.

In the Asian section, we find at the zoo of La Flèche Indian rhinoceroses, antelopes cervicapres, antelopes nilgots and deer axis.

Shows come to animate the visit of the passionate persons of the animal park: Marine World (California sea lion), the Lords of the sky (birds in free flight) and Parrot jungle.

The zoo of La Flèche had a new life thanks to the TV show on France 4 called “A season at the zoo”. Since 2014 we have seen several seasons. Season 12 was released in 2020.

As a partner of the La Flèche Zoo, the Château de Montaupin has Family Pass discount coupons available for its guests. They are available at the reception of the castle on condition that you have not already bought the ticket.

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